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    Please note: Starter version, runs full-featured, but only 5 times.

    How often did you throw a crumpled piece of paper into your waste basket, from some distance of course. Sometimes you miss and sometimes you do not hit the basket ;-)

    But when you hit it (only needs a bit of training), then nobody was there who looks duly impressed, nodding approvingly. With this app a responsive audience is always with you.

    How it works? Start this app and place your phone into your waste basket. Now, crumple a piece of paper and throw it into the basket. WOW, - on hit the crowd is clapping hands, cheering (volume is of course set to maximum :-)

    When there are also other people present (of course they are not aware of the phone in the basket), be sure to look into puzzled faces...

    The sensitivity, as well as the start delay (i.e. until the app is ready) are both adjustable. In addition you can set a fixed volume, or use the media volume.

    Please note:

    1.) Do not leave with your phone lying in the waste basket! Someone might come and tidy up...

    2.) Avoid throwing things like beer bottles, for example, into the basket! The played sound might be the last you've ever heard from your phone...

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