Hold Hands Unlock Screen




    Hold hands to unlock the screen! This simple screen locker Hold Hands Unlock Screen supports to lock the screen with a romantic finger background and unlock the screen by holding hands here. Just hook fingers to unlock the screen.

    Look no future, you have just found the best screen locker for you Android device. When it comes to easy to use and creativity, this screen locker is definitely invincible in Android market.


    Simple to use

    With a simple and romantic love theme

    Totally free for Android device

    Optimized for Android mobiles and tablets

    Supports to hook fingers or hold hands to unlock the screen

    Show us date and time to save us a lot of time and troublesome


    1. Set vibration and sound as you wish.

    2. Activate this screen locker.

    3. We can get date and time in such a beautiful fingers background.

    4. Just drag them together and it will unlock the screen for us.

    This screen locker Hold Hands Unlock Screen can offer us a funny screen locker game here. Download it now for free.


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