Home Invasion Action Movie

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    Gangsta rappers jealous of the success of a hot local hip-hop record label and mad because the label head will not sign them, plot a robbery on the label heads office to steal money. To their surprise the label head finds out who committed the robbery because of a hidden surveillance camera. In an attempt to get the evidence tape back the gangster rappers surround the label heads home taking his girlfriend hostage and trapping everyone else inside. With a two hour deadline and no way out, the hostages inside the home decide to devise a way to make a copy of the tape and end the stand off.

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    Mixtape Playlist
    1. 63-64 Remix (Roez Boyz)
    2. Be About Your Money (L Boy & Boo Loc)
    3. Booty Up (Roez Boyz)
    4. Fast Cars (Roez Boyz)
    5. Give Thanks (Roez Boyz)
    6. Just A Lil Bit Of History (L Boy & Boo Loc)
    7. Let Me Breathe (L Boy & Boo Loc)
    8. My 9 (L Boy & Boo Loc)
    9. Separate The Fake From The Real (L Boy & Boo Loc)
    10. So Quick So Fast (Roez Boyz)
    11. Take Another Puff (L Boy & ...
    12. We Hot (Roez Boyz)

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