Honesty Or Liar




    In the daily life,we can not stop others to lie to us.But we can be able to prevent being cheated.
    Here we have an app Honesty Or Liar to help us to avoid fraud.
    But it is FAKE.You can just use it for fun to fool your friends.

    How to use it:
    Please place your finger on the scanner to scan;
    Please hold your finger for 5 seconds and then the result will be displayed after testing.

    Simple to use.Just detect your fingerprint to tell if somebody is honest or a lair.
    Main Feature Points:
    >>>Easy to test,only need fingerprint
    >>>With sound and vibration effect
    >>>Vivid pictures to the result
    >>>Polygraph honesty score
    >>>Detailed analysis to the result

    How to tell if someone is reliable or not?
    How to tell if the information or guidance is sincere or not?
    Give this app a try.Maybe you will get some help.But you can't trust it totally.
    After all,it is just a fake app.Believe yourself whenever.

    1.This is the free version, so you will understand that we need to use ads so we can develop more useful and funny things. This app may use your notification or icon ads, but you will easily opt-out or just ignore them. If you don't agree with these ads, please don't install it, thank you.
    2.FAKE app

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