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    Hookah Bar is Free Android Apps.

    "Flip Cork, Splash order, Enjoy belly Dance and Mask the Carnival fun"

    The hookah Bar (also called a shisha bar or den, especially in Britain and parts of Canada, or a hookah bar) is an establishment where patrons share shisha (flavored tobacco) from a communal hookah or nargile which is placed at each table.
    Hookah Bar are mostly found in college towns and urban areas and are regarded by some as a novel and chic way to socialize and embrace multiculturalism.[1] Some people of Middle Eastern or South Asian extraction consider them a continuation of their own cultural traditions.
    A hookah and a variety of tobacco products are on display in a Harvard Square store window in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

    Often, hookah lounges are owned and operated by people from the Arab world, origin and or other regions where use of the hookah is a centuries-old tradition. Some offer Middle Eastern cuisine menu items. Almost all offer what most Westerners call Turkish coffee. Many hookah lounges incorporate such elements as Islamic decor and Arabic music or Indian music.[2]

    An elderly patron of an establishment in Turkey describes the advantages of the hookah lounge as follows:

    "The important thing is not what you put in the pipe, but who is with you while you're's a complete a cafe like this one, you find the good people, the old people, the interesting people. As long as there is a need for company and friendship, as long as people want to stop and think, there will be nargile cafes."

    Typically a disposable mouthpiece is provided for each user for hygiene reasons. Hookah lounges do not typically have liquor licenses but instead derive the bulk of their revenue from sales of coffee, tea, soft drinks and snack foods, especially snack foods.

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