How stupid they really are

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    Have you ever been in loss of words in the presence of immense stupidity?
    Have you ever felt you had to tell someone how stupid they are but was afraid to insult them? or come across as too blunt?
    Well search no more, this application is tailored for your needs, in a press of a button this application will express your feelings and thought like no other !

    Imagine the following scenario, you're in a meeting and someone suggested the most idiotic idea, you feel you have to say something but don't want anybody know it came from you. Just press a button and the application will do the work for you.

    The application has prerecorded statements expressing how stupid one can be, it will randomly select the audible sentence, so each time you can express how stupid people around you are in a different manner.

    Note: This application was meant for laughs and by no means meant to insult people, use at your own discretion.

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