Hypnotizer Wheel




    Hypnotize your friends, your family or your pets with this amazing dynamic hypnotizer app. It's for free!
    Designed for smart phones and tablets!

    Hypnotizer wheel features:
    - the hypnotizing animation reacts to how you hold the phone / tablet. It will change colors & speed related to the phone position.
    - you can adjust and manipulate the appearance of the animated graphics by touching the screen
    - you can generate a new Hypnotizer by clicking "New Hypnotizer" and you will get a new digital graphic generated
    - endless animations possible, no digital art animation will be the same as the other

    This app is tested with:
    - Most popular mobile phones: Samsung Galaxy phones & latest HTC One
    - small screen devices (smallest screen 2,7’)
    - 7’ tablets and 10’ tablets
    - Android 1.6 up to 4.3

    Declaration of app permissions:
    - This app asks for internet/network access. This is needed, because in the rare case an error or exception happens it will forward a description of the error to my app’s analytics. That way I can provide fixes of problems faster with future updates. This is also needed for the admob banner display!
    - That’s all, no more permissions needed!

    Please consider to write a review of this app if you liked it! Thank you! If you like digital arts apps you might also try my app "Happy Confetti Worm Painter" ;-)

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