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    This app turns your phone into a dog, which misses you when you're away.

    This app idea came to me one day when I realized how much we treat our phones like people. (Called Personification, Anthropomorphism... et.c.)

    Anyhow, I got the idea that when your away from your phone for a while, it should say "I miss you" when you got back.

    So this app does that.

    It also emotes... it gets happy or angry depending on how long you've been away.

    It helps, in my testing, to think of the phone as a preferred gender. That way it's not [as] awkward.

    The app learns you, so as it runs, it learns what a "normal" time away is, and says hello less.

    There's some examples in the screenshots, check it out.

    Oh, permissions:

    Vibrate - so the phone can let you know when it's happy to see you (or angry.) Brief vibrate is used.

    Boot Receiver - so the app can start when you restart your phone so you don't have to run it each time.

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