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    The world around you is rich with hidden paths to discovery. Unlock them with iD Browser - the sensory browser of the physical world. Look for the iD logo on print publications, product packaging and advertising media like billboards, posters and signs. Wherever you see it, you can bring those visual images to life, using the iD Browser app. Point your device at an iD-enabled image and iD Browser will bridge the physical with the digital, instantly revealing related photos, video and information especially for you.

    iD Browser puts the most advanced vision technology into your hands. No more searching the web with long-winded URLs to find what you’re most interested in. iD Browser is your super-smart way of seeing, knowing and doing more in the real world.

    In time, iD Browser will support numerous publications, live events and even broadcast TV. Right now, we’re excited to be activating Variety, the premier source of entertainment news, and the eye-popping events calendar of LA Live. In the coming months you’ll see us lighting up Times Square, activating sports arenas and expanding our coverage nationwide. Spend a little time with the app and you’ll come to understand what the excitement’s all about.

    HOW TO USE iD Browser

    1. Look for iD-enabled publications featuring the iD logo. Open your iD Browser app. Point your device at the page or image and snap a photo to open the lens of the iD Browser. With this snap, the iD Browser will open and activate a collection of related images in that publication.

    2. Now point your camera at other images in the publication. The iD icon now magically appears over activated images. Tap the iD button to unlock related content such as videos, photo galleries, articles and more. It’s that easy!

    Discover more iD-enabled publications and other in8 iD apps featuring our latest prize giveaways at

    iD – The sensory browser of the physical world.

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