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    ImageSearch-Beauty-Image Search is an application you can easily check the idle women of the topic.

    Idol of the 2010s
    From the 2010s era of scattering of the group become idle.
    By the break of AKB48, as well as in succession birth, NMB48, HKT48, SDN48 SKE48 its sister group.
    Morning Musume of Hello! Project was made an opportunity of long-established leading the field idle women from the early 2000s, many idol group is born. , Debuted in 2010 were born from Hello Pro Egg mileage workshop to other Berryz, such as ℃-ute.
    9nine flow Tokyo Women's idling was born from the planning clover Z pink Perfume continue the activity from the 2000s, belonging to Stardust Promotion, Fuji TV!, Belonging to Avex, Fairies little sister of SPEED SUPER ☆ GiRLS, and MAX, and other bump.y, port path ☆, 46 Nogizaka, the following appeared in many idle and a large number of groups from major entertainment companies such as the Academy of cherry production. Due to the success in Japan of KARA and SNSD, and to debut in Japan and one after another is also an idol group in Korea 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, T-ARA, AFTERSCHOOL, such as the rainbow to the other, competition becomes more intense by this, became known as the Warring States period of idle idle churning out this group.
    Event handshake a few general election but was present, to vote and then fill it ticket voting election decide meetings and handshake large idle until it was seen, the ranking of popular members also remain idle before it, imitate the way selling from that attached to the benefits a wide range of other events, we have extended the sales in the sales methods, called "Code AKB" to entice also buy many pieces the same CD, with benefits such as the Society of handshake Some also follow an idol group, such as selling the CD, that affect the idle field.
    Coupled with the CD, such as no longer to publish much of the music industry major artists such as depression, there have been a phenomenon that is exclusive AKB48 CD sales for the year.
    In order to became a gravure idol situation is difficult to grow, but I've come to occupy the many magazines also AKB48.
    Idol group that has increased, increasing gradually festival idol group performances of several pairs to appear on the same performances, exchanges between idle events are increasing.
    That these groups will increase idle, many became familiar community-based idle idle called idle region also increased.
    Among groups of idle blast debuted many, your (Chihara & Horie, Tamura, Mizuki system) voice actor layer of solo singer idol becomes thinner on the other hand, does not exist Erina Mano, only about friend Yoshikawa, most of the aforementioned has become the state was deprived of his share.
    Sora Aoi, Mihiro in popularity, such as Akiho Yoshizawa began to appear, formed the Ebisu Masukattsu appeared in such as "! Muscat" Please show terrestrial TV Tokyo, gravure idol and AV actress over idle has also willingly established the position of the same rank.
    From the world of voice actor is a solo Nana Sai our bamboo and Yoko Hikasa was noted Midori Yuki the break in "☆ Magika Madoka Magical Girl" anime, Kana Hanazawa, in "K-ON!" Anime, as a unit as Horie, Tamura, Mizuki post further new generation "Kaori Yui" is like → "StylipS" (woven summer Ishihara, Yui Ogura) (Sha Yes Noto Maho Matsunaga Ishihara, Yui Ogura woven summer) has emerged, buzzwords such as "Tehepero" is Hikasa produce, and other idle is becoming established itself that makes a clear distinction.

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