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    This application is about information about IP for free with your Android devices. You can get access to IP details here with your mobile phone or tablet. There are IP lookup, blacklist check and IP address lookup, user agent string available to you. So if you are interested in IP details, you should come here to get more information about actual IP.


    You can get your local IP as you wish. This is a local IP not a web IP. You can also get access to 4 parts to get detailed information.

    How much do you know about IP lookup?

    This IP lookup tool is designed to provide additional information about the entered IP address.

    These details include the hostname, Geographic location information and a location specific map.

    The geographic details are pulled from a commercially available geolocation database. Geolocation technology can never be 100% accurate in providing the location of an IP address. When the IP address is a proxy server and it does not expose the user’s IP address it is virtually impossible to locate the user. The country accuracy is estimated at about 99%. For IP addresses in the United States, it is 90% accurate on the state level, and 81% accurate within a 25 mile radius. Our world-wide users indicate 60% accurate within 25 miles.

    This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone’s exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy.

    There are also 4 buttons at the bottom of this free application, including setting, supply and about and so on.

    For better user experience, modify the delay to 1 min in this app before the screen automatically turns off with the help of setting button. Because the original delay time is too short in this app, screen automatically turns off, and then we have to turn it on! Once you activate it, you may need some hints when you don’t want this application in your phone. Go to location $ security in setting, and select the device administrators to move.

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    Download this free application IP Location now and get full information about IP address. You can get enough IP address information for free here. You will understand clearly about your local IP address.

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