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    IR Blaster runs an IP to IR hardware emulator on Android devices that have a built in IR Blaster.

    There are 2 reasons you may want to use IR Blaster.
    1 - Your remote control app does not have the ability to control your built in IR blaster
    2 - You want to control 1 device's built in IR blaster from a 2nd device

    Example usage scenario with 1 device:
    - Your favorite remote control app has the ability to control an iTach but can't control your built in IR Blaster
    - Install IR Blaster on your device
    - Start IR Blaster, create an iTach IR emulator and start the emulator
    - In your remote app, configure a new iTach device at ip address (the loopback to self ip address)
    - Your remote app can now control your internal IR Blaster

    Example usage scenario with 2 devices:
    - Install this app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device
    - Start IR Blaster, add an iTach IR emulator and start the emulator
    - Note the ip address and port the emulator is listening on. The ip address and port are separated by a colon.
    - From a 2nd device, install any app capable of controlling an iTach IR device (mbhRemote for example)
    - Configure the 2nd device to communicate with the ip address the 1st device is listening on
    - The 2nd device can now control the IR Blaster on the 1st device

    When using the iTach IR emulator, configure your remote app to send commands to channel 3.

    Please try IR Blaster Demo before purchasing to ensure the app is compatible with your hardware and other apps.

    Supported hardware devices:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Htc One
    Generic IR (Devices with IR hardware running Android KitKat or newer such as Galaxy S5)

    Global Cache' iTach IR

    Supported apps:
    Any app capable of communicating with one of the supported emulators should be compatible with this app.

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