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    This is a very simple application. Do not expect amazing 3D graphics! It is designed specifically for tablets and smart phones with a screen larger than 4.5 inch.

    What is special about this app is that the name of a friend, son or cousin will appear under the icon "Happy Birthday". It is a nice way to mark the birthday of somebody by having them use a funny application with their name under the icon. All you have to do is install the app on their device or simply let them do it and find a nice way to give them the $1.39 back that the application costs. Please note that there is absolutely no advertisement popup in this app.

    What the application does is to present a car (fake of course) as a birthday present. The user will initially go through a view of 4 exotic cars but each picture will say that this particular gift is above "your" budget. Finally at the end, a not-so-exotic car will be presented with a note saying that "yes you can afford this one" (again as a joke since you are not really buying a car!).

    This application is especially good for car fanatics! It is like sending a birthday card over the net but in this case your friend, cousin or son gets a personalized application with his name under the icon. How cool is that?

    If after searching for a specific "name" with the "Happy Birthday" icon you cannot find it on Google Play, please send us an e-mail and we will see what we can do!

    This is our first application and hopefully we will make a couple of hundred bucks to pay for a new LED monitor and drawing tablet!

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