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    !!! Now with Parent choice of restriction!!!

    KidTube, is the BEST android YouTube player to do safe video search (filtering of inappropriate words including user defined) and play videos on simplified version of YouTube player.

    Not only for children, this is also best for anyone to use in public areas, office premises, in meetings etc., to do a safe search and show the content.

    Best features at glance:
    1) Secured access to add new restricted words in preferences. (Now you can stop searching of any word phonetically spelled in English.
    2) Setting up themes that your kid likes most.
    3) Now available in Mobile/Tablet version (side by side layout in tablet).
    4) Unlimited videos in list view (Scroll never stops).
    5) Simplified Player view needed (mostly) two operations to take the focus away.
    6) Access control to disable adding/deleting themes.
    7) Disable click actions for YouTube suggestions or seek bar actions, to restrict going away from safe videos.

    -- In order to Exit player view, need to open Preference or Menu & select ‘Exit Video View’.
    -- This app uses Google Easy tracker to access usage statistics to help improve features and user experience.
    -- Includes AdMob ads to support maintenances costs.

    How it works:
    -- After initial download and accepting terms, the adds default theme 'Tom and Jerry' (My elder son's favorite) with dynamically loaded filmstrip. (You can change this default theme via preferences).
    -- Add more themes as needed, these will be saved until you delete.
    -- To delete a theme Swipe left to right, when you see a ‘X’ symbol swipe left to right again.
    -- It is recommended to Setup a password to secure the preferences, so you can stop your kids viewing/changing preferences.
    -- Add new restricted words with comma separation (Use full for restricting international language words spelled in English)
    -- Continuous play options preference to play videos in the selected list continuously (this may trigger some Ads).
    -- Video duration option helps to select preferred video length.
    -- Sort options help to get latest videos
    -- Secured access control to disable search/delete functions.
    -- Minimal seek bar on video player works incrementally to rewind/fast forward video.

    Enjoy the KidTube and feel free to share your feedback to improve safe search.
    Have a safe search!!!

    YouTube videos and player is provided by YouTube.
    This App uses Easy tracker to analyze usage statistics to improve quality.
    App uses AdMob network for monetization.

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