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    Nowadays, the kids have colorful activities after school.

    That means that our kids are also very busy every day.

    So we strongly advise all of you to install this app- Daily Routine to your kids.

    --This is a homework notebook. With it in hand, the kids can write down the homework after school. In this way, it will remind them of their homework so that they can finish their homework timely.

    --This is a daily memo. With it in hand, the kids can write down the activities that they are going to do in it. In this way, they can know what to do next clearly.

    --This is a daily routine calendar. After the kids write down their events or to-do-list in this app, it will show them a calendar, from which they can check up their plans in details with a glance.

    --This is a customized kids time schedule. In this schedule, the kids can add a color to their events and set to remind them of their daily events repeatedly.

    >>>In a word, this is a great and powerful timetable for all kids;

    >>>The kids can write down everything that they care about in this app. In this way, it will be a portable reminder for them all the time.

    With it in hand, the parents do not need bother to remind their kids to do this or that following them every day.

    Do you like this app?

    Do you want to get it now!

    Welcome to download it from our website now!

    Thanks for your attention!


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    Homework, or homework assignment, refers to tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside of class. Common homework assignments may include a quantity or period of reading to be performed, writing or typing to be completed, problems to be solved, a school project to be built (such as a diorama or display), or other skills to be practiced.

    The basic objectives of assigning homework to students are the same as schooling in general: to increase the knowledge and improve the abilities and skills of the students.

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