Kids Painting Tools




    Kids Painting Tools is a kind of children's coloring painting tool and provides a large number of pictures waiting your coloring. Install this free painting app on android phone and your children will fall in love with it and you can also play it when you fell tired or have nothing to do.

    Compared with last version, we added more pictures in system and all new pictures offered are more beautiful than fomer ones.

    1. This new COLOR version keep free.
    2. More pictures offered. Over 200 pictures in system.
    3. More pictures types covered. There are many classic animated image, cars and house and so on.
    4. All pictures are beautiful and easy to color.
    5. More pigments types. 50 pigments stay in color board.
    6. Stronger sensing system. Use finger tap coloring area after chosen pigment, the area will be colored.
    7. New saving function. The colored painting work can be saved in phone with high speed.

    FUNCTION buttons (from left to right)
    1. Color board with 50 colors.
    2. Pictures/images list with 240+ "cartoon" pictures.
    3. Save button: one click to save.
    4. View page keep all saved paintings. Click to view and manage.
    5. Support button. Make comments or send me email.

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