King of the Jungle LoL Timer




    This is a jungle timer app for League of Legends with a clean, easy to view interface that lets you always know exactly what is going on! This is a growing app that is simple and to the point. Currently it includes just the Jungle Timers feature but later I hope to incorporate sections for Guides and Counters so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips as you're battling your way to Platinum!

    Optional Settings:
    Vibrate Feature: Turn on the vibrate feature to have your phone vibrate when a jungle camp is up!
    Show Inhibitors: If you want to really track everything - show the inhibitors and track the time until they are up!
    Reset Timers: Did the other team surrender and you're starting a new game? Simple, click the 'Reset Timers' button and life is good.

    I hope to continue to grow this timer app to be the best timer app available for the game - with feedback from the community I believe we can all make this app the 'one stop shop' to make the players using it 'kings of the jungle'.

    **UPDATE** Currently working on getting the 'Counters' feature added to the app so it will give counters and timers both in one app!

    Current Release:
    Ver 1.1:
    Updated a few timer features
    Set the 'Reset Timers' feature to show by default

    Future Releases:
    Audio Alerts: I want to enable audio alerts so your phone will let you know which camp is up!

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