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    *The mobile K-pop artist fandom charting service, Kpop Star

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    *The rank of artists are calculated from the total number of hearts received on posts within the community and on the Rank Page!

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    *An artist's profile picture is an image that has received the most number of hearts after being posted!

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    *The Group or Person that has received the most hearts each day will be entered into the Hall of Fame!

    [*What is an Idol?]
    *An Idol refers to the artist or group you love most. When a post about your Idol with explicit contents have been posted on the community, you have the authority to report such posts!

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    Making my baby a Charity Angel, a Charity Fairy

    [Charity Fairy]

    Jan. : Sehun (EXO), EXO
    Feb. : Sehun (EXO), EXO
    Mar. : Xiumin (EXO), EXO
    Apr. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    May. : Xiumin (EXO), EXO
    Jun. : TEN (NCT), EXO
    Jul. : Park Jihoon (WannaOne), EXO
    Aug. : Kang Daniel (WannaOne), EXO
    Sep. : Kang Daniel (WannaOne), EXO
    Oct. : Kang Daniel (Wanna One), BTS
    Nov. : Kang Daniel (Wanna One), BTS
    Dec. : Kang Daniel (Wanna One), BTS

    Jan. : Jung Eunji (APink), BTOB
    Feb. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    Mar. : Suga (BTS), BTOB
    Apr. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), APink
    May. : Baekhyun (EXO), EXO
    Jun. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Jul. : Kim Sohye (I.O.I), BTOB
    Aug. : Kim Sejung(I.O.I, Gu9dan), BTOB
    Sep. : Jungkook (BTS), APink
    Oct. : Kim Sejung (I.O.I, Gu9dan), BTS
    Nov. : Jung Eunji (Apink), Apink
    Dec. : V (BTS), Apink

    [Charity Angel]

    Jan. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Feb. : Sehun (EXO), EXO
    Mar. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    Apr. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    May. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    Jun. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    Jul. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    Aug. : Xiumin (EXO), BTS
    Sep. : Daniel (WannaOne), BTS
    Oct. : Daniel (WannaOne), BTS
    Nov. : Daniel (WannaOne), BTS
    Dec. : Daniel (WannaOne), BTS

    Jan. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    Feb. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    Mar. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    Apr. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    May. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTOB
    Jun. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Jul. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Aug. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Sep. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS
    Oct. : Kim Sejung (I.O.I, Gu9dan), BTS
    Nov. : Kim Sejung (I.O.I, Gu9dan), BTS
    Dec. : Kim Sungkyu (Infinite), BTS

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