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    Do you have the felling that you are so angry with somebody and what to hit him/her but you can not do not for some reasons? With your bad feeling in heart is really not a good thing. You should vent bad mood out and only in this way, you will refresh your mood and pay more attention to happy things! Now we offer you a chance to become a KungFu master. You can use Chinese KungFu hit virtual target and you can also get many knowledge about Chinese cultures during the fighting!

    KungFu Master is a free KungFu application for all people. It includs almost all popular KungFu style in the world. No matter Kung Fu related to power or to speed and even need use hidden weapons, you can find suit one in this free app. It includes almost 35 styles and all of them are powerful enough to vent all your bad feelings out.
    In this free game, you can also get a score according to your hitting skill! If you do not know how to play, you can have a tutorial first. If you what to know more about the style you are using, you can press instruction to get detail knowledge!
    When you fighting and hitting with this app, please open your volume button. Hearing the fight sound will make the game more intrsting and it is helpful to throw all bad feeling out!

    1. Kung Fu was classify into three main types in the app
    - Powerful Force includs all KungFu need great power.
    - Speed Fist includs all styles need you move or hit as soon as possible.
    - Accurate Hit related to using hidden weapons!
    2. It includes almost 35 Wushu styles in it and every style has an icon to show you what it related with.
    3. It can record the highest score auto and you can reset or clear the score.
    4. It tell you the information of the kungfu. After watching it, you will become a KungFu master wit enough knowledge!
    5. If you what to get higher score, a tutorial tell you how to do it.
    6. Function buttons on bottom help you use this free application conveniently!

    Ways to play this game:
    1.You should hone your mobile as a weapon, try your best to wave it at any directions to make it get a maximum acceleration. (Attention do not throw your mobile out!)
    2.After step 1, press the volume button on your mobile as soon as possible, you can hear the sound of the fighting.
    3.The quicker the acceleration is, the higher score you will get. The stable you hole the mobile, the more score you will get too.

    If you have ever seen KungFu movie, you must what to become a KungFu master too. Now you have a chance to become a kung fu mater, why don't you catch it? You can also use it to vent all your bad feeling out with it! I bet it is really useful in your life and it can take interesting to you! Download and have a try now!
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