Legend of the Shadowless Sword

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    Legend of the Shadowless Sword

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    {This movie is entirely in Chinese with no subtitles.}

    The background of the film is set after the fall of Sanggyeong, the capital of Balhae in 926. Khitan established the Dongdan Kingdom who dispatched Chucksaldan (a.k.a. Killer Blade Army), a group of the hit squads and sweeps out the royal family in order to prevent a reconstruction of Balhae. Resistants who are composed of the rest of the followers of Balhae leave to find out the family member of the king, who is able to rebuild Balhae.
    The movie begins at the quarters of Balhae Crown Prince Dae Soo-Hyun. A battle ensues as the Balhae Imperial guard and the KBA fight off. Gun appears and sees that Mae and the KBA soldiers took care of the Imperial guard. Gun and Mae enter the Crown Prince's quarters. Suddenly, the captain of the Imperial guard enters the room to protect the Crown Prince, but is killed by Mae. Gun asks the Crown Prince and gives him one more chance to surrender to the Dongdan Kingdom, but the Crown Prince refuses. He unsheathes his 'Mooyonggum' (shadowless sword), and charges at Gun, but Gun uses a military technique on the Crown Prince from below. The Crown Prince is shown lying down on a bloody floor with his sword out of his hand.

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