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    Lie Detector that measures heart rate. Detect the lie via pulse.
    Find if someone is telling the truth or lie.
    It's a lie detector that detects the heart rate by the finger and checks if the person speaking is lying.

    Because it's scientifically proven that a person's heart rate increases when he/she is lying.

    How to use the lie detector:

    1) Open the lie detector application.
    2) Find the person you want to find out if he/she is lying.
    3) Ask him/her the question and when he/she answers, put his/her thumb in the phone's screen and wait for the lie detector to scan.
    4) Wait until the pulse detection finishes.
    5) The result will appear

    Lie Detector usage examples from real life:

    Lie detector Pulse analysis uses computers to compare pitch, frequency, intensity and micro tremors. In this way Pulse analysis 'detect[s] minute variations in the Pulse thought to signal lying.' It can even be used covertly over the phone, and has been used by banking and insurance companies as well as the government of the United Kingdom. Customers are assessed for truth in certain situations by banks and insurance companies where computers are used to record responses. Software then compares control questions to relevant questions assessed for deception. However, its reliability has been debated by peer-reviewed journals.

    Note: Please do not rely on this lie detector's findings. It may not be accurate and results might change from person to person and time to time. Bear in mind that it's a nice prank application to entertain you and your friends. All lie detectors can be tricked and no result should be considered serious or 100% effective.

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