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Listen To Me (FM Radio)

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    Listen To Me (FM Radio)

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    Currently, people listen to music with mp3 players, CD players, or navigation, but the wires and machines crowd the car and inconvenience the people in the car. This application acts like a car movie theater, which uses radio waves to listen to sound from the car speaker. “Listen to Me” allows the user to listen to music via Bluetooth. Later, I will update “Listen to Me” for someone who doesn’t have a car with Bluetooth.

    Using the “Listen to Me” application, you can listen to navigation, mp3 music, and watch DMB while riding in the car. The app can read text messages when you are driving. Also, it supports hands-free talking on the phone. It can make your car clean, because you can remove the excess wires from your car. Further, you do not need to download new music with your computer. Instead, you can download new music from a smartphone using WIFI and listen to the music immediately. This system is far more comfortable and convenient than using multiple devices. While this app may sound complicated, users will find “Listen to Me” easy to use.

    Don’t read the text message. Just listen. This app can read the text message from someone for a person with disabilities. For a person driving, you can listen to a text message from your car speakers. The app also allows your smartphone to turn into a mouse on a laptop computer-supported Bluetooth.
    Users who use a laptop computer do not need to bring an additional mouse on trips.

    Throw away the excess. Fall into the new world of “Listen to Me.”

    1. Came a voice to text message while driving a car
    Function that reads text
    2. Vehicle while the ability to send text messages to speech
    3. Name, phone number stored in
    Speaking voice dialing capability
    You do not need hands-free voice calls
    Various car interior (wired) line is gone clean vehicles
    Provide indoor.
    4. Telephone, letter, Navi, music, DMB in terms of Hanwha
    Favorites feature provides a convenient

    [New update feature]
    5. Notepad when you click a phone call during a voice memo feature on the global jeokhineun transcript (version 2.0)

    (For example) during operation in the other party during a call when I called the contact or address for timely pen and pad.
    Call Recording find your exact replica of those worn'll bet you have to remember at least once. I created a new feature.
    Click eumseongmemoman Notepad - you automatically on a voice say, red glow effect.
    Looking for safe driving record now, please, no notes -

    * A lot of confusion sincerely apologize for the inconvenience .*

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