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    Live Track - Lite Edition is a FREE Android Tracking Application that enables you to monitor device history in real-time.


    Contacts: Logs all the contacts stored on the device.

    Calls: Logs all call durations that have been received, dialled, rejected or missed.

    SMS: Logs all SMS messages that have been sent, received or saved as a draft.

    MMS: Logs all MMS messages that have been sent, received or saved as a draft.

    WhatsApp: Logs all WhatsApp messages that have been sent or received with full emoji support.

    WhatsApp Undelete: Can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from the past week.

    SD Card: Logs all files stored on the SD Card and/or Emulated Storage.

    Device Monitor: Battery levels, Charge States, GPS and WiFi etc...

    Privacy Flags: Set privacy flags on trusted contacts so that communications are kept private.

    Risk Flags: Raise flags of concern on unscrupulous contacts for closer monitoring and scrutiny.

    Word Flags: Define custom words and phrases that will automatically flag messages that contain them.

    Profiling: Psychological Profile Algorithms (PPA) to detect behavioural patterns (see next paragraph).

    Reporting: Generate and export detailed reports in CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX or PDF formats.

    Control: All tracking features can independently be switched on/off or rebooted remotely.

    Secure: Control panel access is exclusively served via SSL (HTTPS) for your personal security.

    Encryption: Generate your own data access keys and encrypt all of your data for extra peace of mind.

    Uptime: Primary and secondary (mirror) servers for maximum service stability and 24/7 access.

    Upgradeable: Add many more additional features without reinstalling. Receive silent OTA updates.

    100% Free: This Lite Edition really is FREE and includes all of the above. This is NOT trialware!


    Our PPA filters use advanced profiling technology to quickly draw your attention to communications
    that contain specific types of direct or indirect behavioural patterns. Indirect analysis enables
    you to pickup on what the average eye doesn't see. A message by itself may seem innocent enough,
    but when weighted against the content of other related messages, we're able to open your eyes to many
    predictable human characteristics, such as subtle manipulation attained via prolonged trust building.

    There are currently 5 PPA Filters:

    1.) Trolls / Bullying
    2.) Sexual / Predatory
    3.) Secretive / Dishonesty
    4.) Flirtatious
    5.) Risky / Criminal


    1.) Protect your children without being overtly intrusive. Combine the use of privacy flags on trusted
    contacts and raise flags of concern on untrusted ones. Use our PPA filters to safeguard your children
    from threats and dangers whilst still respecting their privacy. Live Track isn't a spy app. It's about
    gathering and analysing relevant intelligence, assessing risk and dismissing what's unimportant to you.

    2.) Protect your family and property from outside influences. Keep an eye on your emotional investments.

    3.) Protect your business and customers from bad eggs. Ensure that all of your employees are both loyal
    and professional to your company at all times. Safeguard your reputation, profits and trade secrets.

    4.) Protect your device from theft.

    5.) Backup your data and protect it from loss.


    Once you have downloaded the app follow this simple 3 step process:

    1.) Click on Create Account.
    2.) Click on Install.
    3.) Click on Activate.


    Access your personal data by visiting our primary server at:
    If the primary server is ever undergoing maintenance, visit:

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