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    Welcome to the League of Legends Ranked Recorder Beta. This is a fan-project for League of Legends Player.
    You can join it for free and share your experience in LoL.

    The LoL Ranked Recorder records your personal sense of your ranked games.
    It may possibly help you improve your playing style.
    In different statistics you can analyze your games and if necessary, adjust your style of play.

    Game Rating:
    At the end of a ranked game you can rate it.
    The following things can be rated:
    - Win: You have won the game
    - Gamerating: The game was very good and challenging (10) or totally unbalanced and bad (0)
    - Own position
    - Own division
    - All positions of your own team: Who was OP, AFK, Troll or underpowered
    - All positions of your enemyteam: Who was OP, AFK, Troll or underpowered

    The statistics displays two things your ratings and the ratings of all other users. There are the following statistics.

    Statistics include:
    - The matches, wins and losses for each position played, division and overall.
    - Number of trolls, OP, UP and AFK in the game

    Time statistics include:
    - The win rate and the game rating per weekday
    - The win rate and the game rating per daytimer (morning, noon, evening, night)
    - The behavior of players per daytime
    - The gamerating, matches, wins and losses per daytime

    Summoners Rift:
    The LoL Ranked recorder also has a page where you can time buffs, the dragon, the baron and up to 3 Wards for Summoners Rift.
    Timer play a sound when only 30 seconds remaining.

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