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    In each place of the app, if you click your "Menu" and then choose the option "Help", you'll obtain useful tips. Use it when you want, they will really help you.

    * Are you in the middle of the game and don't remember what ability you should upgrade or what item you should buy according that awesome guide you read before?
    * Do you think it is slow go to a champion guides site, then search where the champion guides are located, wait to load the web and finally check if there is a good guide?
    * Are you that kind of people who like to be aware of all the League Of Legends news and last champions?
    * Are you that kind of people who always are thinking "I need to remember the jungle times", you know all the timing (or not, who knows :)), but on the key moment you forget always to remember them?
    * Are you picking on a ranked and don't know what is the perfect enemy's champions counter pick?

    For all this reasons (and many more), you must download LoLUtils.

    LoLUtils is the first League Of Legends Android's App that will be always updated. I've developed it with the next key idea: why must I "copy" the best guides of the most important sites (as others do) if in a near future they will change? (Riot patch, people try other items and find them better, metagame change...). Why not allow the user to keep (save) the good guides and allow him to manage his "self useful guides"?. And how to do that?

    Moreover, there are a lot of Play Store apps that allow you to do "something", but you'll not find "THE app" that allow you to do all the things you want: read the latest news, a jungle utility, a (awesome) guide index, a place to keep your well known guides... Well, you've just found it. Just read the features, and the TO-DO list that will be done soon on the next updates:

    * Latest News *
    You will be able to read the latest news from Riot (only for this servers: NA, EUW, EUNE and BR).

    * Champions guides *
    The app will show you the champions's list and if you click on one of them it will provide you a list with the links of the most important pages of League Of Legends: CLGaming, LeagueCraft, LoLPro, Mobafire, Solomid.

    * Ingame Timing Utility*
    If you are one of that guys that wants to have the jungle perfectly controlled, you will love this utility. It will allow you to know when the different game Buffs will be spawned again, and allow you to set a notification sound at the exact second that you had configured before through the utility menu option.

    IMPORTANT: This utility will keep your screen on to allow you to see how many seconds are left of the buff spawn, and to start the others timers when the buff starts.

    * Counter Champs *
    You are in a Ranked match, you go Top and your enemy has picked Top Irelia. What should be the best pick to counter Irelia at Top?. With this utility, and thanks to LolCounter, you will be able to know in a few seconds who is the best counter champ for Irelia. You only have to use this app's section, search Irelia and click on her to see who rocks versus her. Now, it will be easier to win the lane :).

    * Favorite guides *
    While you read a champion guide, you will have the option to save the guide as a "Favorite Guide". To do it, you must click on your Menu Option button, and click on "Add To Favorite" (you will be able to have as many favorite guides as you want).

    With this feature, you'll never forget what's the best item to your champion, or what's the next ability you should upgrade. In 20 seconds, you will be remembering all about your champion again.

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