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    Let the Earth's magnetic field generate your lottery numbers!

    Quick-picks, and almost every other number picker out there use Pseudo-Random Number Generation algorithms. They aren't really random, and they all get their numbers the same way. And that method is the one that hasn't been working for you all this time!

    Lottery Loser uses your device's magnetometer for number selection. The magnetometer measures the Earth's magnetic field, that's how your compass apps work. Readings are taken from the magnetometer and the numbers are run through a gentle algorithm to fit them into the valid lottery number ranges that you select.

    This means that every place on Earth is going to give you different values!!!

    Do you have a favorite place? A sacred place? A place where something very lucky happened to you? Perhaps where you met your spouse... or maybe anywhere BUT there. ;)

    The Earth's magnetic field is constantly fluctuating. There are an unlimited number of ideas to try. Has there been a recent solar flare? That will affect the magnetic field too!

    You can go anywhere, and generate numbers as often as you want because the fields are always fluctuating and you'll always get different values.

    It's like a feng shui number selector!

    So why the name Lottery Loser? Isn't that going to drive people away? Is it bad luck?

    Before actors go on stage their colleagues tell them "Break a leg"! Are they being mean? No, they believe that being wished good luck is a curse, so they wish each other bad luck in hope that the opposite will occur.

    Also, I'm an honest guy. I know that almost everybody loses every lottery drawing. Sometimes everybody loses! So the only thing I can truly guarantee is that my app will generate lots of losing numbers.

    HOWEVER, there has never been a number picker that allows you to select numbers by tuning into the Earth itself. This is a totally new concept, completely unexplored! It's something new to try that may just change your luck!

    If you'd like to see a feature added, drop me an e-mail. If you already own the app, you'll get my added features free.

    On a final note... when you win, remember me! :)

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