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    The Labrador Retriever (also Labrador, or Lab for short) is one of several kinds of retriever, a type of gun dog. A breed characteristic is webbed paws for swimming, useful for the breed's original purpose of retrieving fishing nets. The Labrador is the most popular breed of dog by registered ownership in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States (since 1991). It is also one of the most popular assistance dog breeds in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. Typically, Labradors are athletic and love to swim, play catch and retrieve games, are good with young children, elderly, and for protection. They are also used as Guide dogs to help people who are blind.

    Labradors are relatively large, with males typically weighing 29 to 41 kg (64 to 90 lb) and females 25 to 32 kg (55 to 71 lb). Labradors weighing close to or over 100 lb (45 kg) are considered obese or having a major fault under American Kennel Club standards, although some Labradors weigh significantly more. The majority of the characteristics of this breed, with the exception of colour, are the result of breeding to produce a working retriever.

    As with some other breeds, the Conformation (typically "English", "show" or "bench") and the Field (typically "American" or "working") lines differ, although both lines are bred in both countries. In general, however, Conformation Labradors tend to be bred as medium-sized dogs, shorter and stockier with fuller faces and a slightly calmer nature than their Field counterparts, which are often bred as taller, lighter-framed dogs, with slightly less broad faces and a slightly longer nose; however Field Labradors should still be proportional and fit within AKC standards. With field Labradors, excessively long noses, thin heads, long legs and lanky frames are not considered standard.

    If you’re not sure what live wallpapers are, they’re a type of application that works on a mobile device using the Android operating system (like your device!). The application works as a wallpaper – providing the background image for the home screen—but also works as a conventional application since it can provide user-interaction with the touch screen (allowing the image to change dynamically, for example) and access other hardware and software features within the device (accelerometer, GPS, network access, etc.).

    **Multiple backgrounds!** Switch up the background as often or as little as you like with user-configurable options.

    **Power saving features!** This app uses much less power than typical live wallpapers. It will take a bit more power to operate than a normal wallpaper, but much, much less battery power than the average live wallpaper.

    **Super easy to use!** Upon install the app will bring up the options menu and then immediately let you set the wallpaper. No hassle and easy to use!

    **Translated to 35 languages!** Do you really, really want to learn Russian? We didn’t think so, but it’s available just in case, in any language your phone can display!

    Please note that live wallpapers can’t be set automatically. We’ll bring you to the setup screen where you’ll select the live wallpaper. We’d love to do it automatically but Android doesn’t allow it. Select text from Wikipedia, which does not endorse this product. Licensed under the creative commons ( Text at and

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    Ashlin Rodriguez

    by Ashlin Rodriguez

    Dec 26, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    The pictures are so cute!

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Oct 09, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Gotta love your pet

    Chasity Holmes

    by Chasity Holmes

    Sep 17, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Looks just like my dog Angle

    ellie bertling

    by ellie bertling

    Sep 06, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    My chocolate lab is super super sad when I'm gone and help me and her.

    Thomss Zielinski

    by Thomss Zielinski

    Apr 19, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    I have a choclate lab and I'm away every other week so I'm sad I need this to help.

    Kameela Conner

    by Kameela Conner

    Nov 28, 2014  |  "Great"

    They are so cute