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    Make him fall in love with the sweetest love quotes ever!

    Can’t find the words to express how much you love him?

    Love Quotes for Him will help you during this tough time. Since love is a very powerful and complex concept, finding the right thing to say isn’t that easy. Some of us are not born to create and come up with the most beautiful collection of words created to sway a man’s heart as poets do, but we definitely have the next best thing. With our collection of love quotes specially created for your man, you will surely find the right quote that will suit your current situation.

    “I’m no Shakespeare, but I have this awesome app that makes me sound like a poetic cupid.” – Riku N.

    Love Quotes for Him is a really sweet app that compiles all you needed to know about love and men. All are beautifully written by brilliant minds that have been in love, is currently in love, and is looking for love.

    Each quote in this wonderful new app has everything to do with being in love. It will help you say what you really feel without the pressure of getting tongue tied. Having problems with your boyfriend? You think it’s time to tell your crush that you think he’s the one? Just by downloading and giving your phone a little shake, you will have the access to countless quotes that clearly sums up what’s in your mind and heart.

    Win Him Over

    • The eyes are portals to a new world

    • A girl needs to feed her heart and soul

    • All the right reasons why he should be with you

    Tell Him What’s Wrong

    • It’s about knowing what it means

    • It’s different when you confess

    • This is not about loving the idea of her

    So you met this guy, he seems all charming, sexy, funny and smart. You see a great potential in having a long and lasting relationship with him. The only problem is, he doesn’t seem to have any idea what’s in your mind. It’s like he doesn’t see what you’re trying to tell him through your actions, it’s like he doesn’t want to see. The problem with this is women tend to look and read men the same way they see themselves. Women assume that men can know everything just by implying what you feel, but the truth is, men are simple creatures, if you need to tell him something, if you want him to know something then you should tell him. Tell him with the most beautiful love quote.

    Sometimes women want men to be mind readers. Sorry ladies, it will never happen. A relationship should be fair and if you love the person, you should be as open to him as he is with you, you should be vocal about your emotions, whether it may be serious, funny, silly or naughty. A guy appreciates sincerity as much as you do so never be afraid of telling how you feel. If he doesn’t seem to notice what you’re feeling, win him over with your words, don’t nag him about it, just be true to yourself, find what love quote fits and share what you desire.

    Sometimes, sexy women tend to lure guys with their sexuality, with their erotic side, with being naughty, while I won’t deny that men love it, guys are also looking for the sweeter side in you, and it won’t hurt to try being loving and caring to him, being open about how he as a person completes you. You don’t have to be waiting for him nude all day just to let him know you want him. Guys may be as kinky as they get but telling him what’s in your heart will hit him profoundly, and treat you like a princess knowing that you see him as your prince.

    He needs to know, he needs to know right now, be strong you beautiful woman, download now and send him a love quote or two!

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