Love Test Pro

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    This application is used to obtain the percentage of compatibility between two people.
    With it we will know if there may be a relationship and how hard we have it.
    It has more fields than the normal version for greater precision in the results. Contrasted with sexologists.
    Can be obtained with:
    - Names.
    - Names and surnames.
    - Name, surname and date of birth.
    - Hair color.
    - Height.
    - Eye Color.
    - Etc.

    The more data you have, the more reliable the result.

        - Unlimited number of characters in the names.
        - 7 languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Russian.
        - Simple interface.
        - Possibility to export the result to a text file.
        - No advertising.

    For any questions or improves contact in the email that appears in the application.