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    Everything you need for a friendly game of Magic. Nothing more, nothing less.
    The app is designed to be really easy to use, a single screen that has everything you need. It supports a single player per device, or multiple ones. It even has a custom view for Two-Headed Giant and Emperor!
    All you need now is your deck and some friends.

    I'm sorry there's no free version, this app is completely 100% ad free!

    Supported playing fields:
    -Single, if your screen isn't too big
    -One on one
    -Two versus two
    -Four player free-for-all
    -Two-Headed Giant
    -Emperor (Six players)

    These fields include:
    -Life counter(s)
    -Magic counters, one for each colour
    Note: This seems only useful when dealing with a lot of mana, though you can also use it as coloured counters for something else ;)
    -A poison counter
    -A star-counter, can be used for anything
    -A win-counter, or it can be used as a second star
    -Three coins
    -A six- and twenty-sided die
    -Shake your device to reset the field (except the win-counter)

    How to use this simple toolbox:
    -Swipe up to add a counter, and down to remove one
    -Tap coins/dies to throw
    -That's it
    Note: Some people are trying to tap the counters, this won't work, swipe up or down!

    Have fun playing MTG!

    If there are any questions you have, features you want or ideas you'd like me to review, just send me an email and I'll personally try to respond to every single one!

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