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    Utility + Fun app.
    Bring a magnet closer to your phone, and get amazed with the wonderful effects you'll see.
    The app shows 8 effects. Some are useful - utility oriented, and some are for fun.

    Utility effects -
    1. Graph - Study the change in graph as the magnetic flux around the mobile increases.
    2. Metal detection - select this effect and bring magnet close to any metal, see the gradual change in the bar. It also shows the EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) flux in microtesla
    3. Reading of the EMF

    Fun effects
    1. Scare someone with the scary ghost picture and scary sound. It's so scary that even ghost will get scared and won't come around you again.
    2. Blinking of screen. As the magnetic field increases, the blinking increases.
    3. Beep sound.
    4. Vibrations.
    5. Gradual change in background color with the change in magnetic field.

    If you can think of any more effects that can be put, you are highly welcome. Our email id -

    (BONUS - With this app you can also detect ghosts. There's a theory that if you find EMF Reading at a place though there is no magnet in the vicinity, then it has to do something with paranormal activity a.k.a. ghosts, spirits. So you can take readings of different places and see if you find any. If you do find any, then scare it with our SCARE effect :-)

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