Manhattan Tickets




    The Manhattan Tickets app makes it easy to purchase tickets to Broadway/theater, concerts and sporting events directly from your mobile device.

    • Search for tickets to events based on your geographic location, or find tickets in the USA or Canada by using the search tool
    • Filter events by type, venue, calendar or popular tickets-or simply using your GPS location. Sort the tickets by price, section, row or quantity in the event view.
    • View your exact seat on a detailed map of the venue BEFORE YOU BUY.
    • Choose seats from one of the largest ticket exchanges
    • All purchases are safe and secure, protected by data encryption, our privacy policy, PCI compliance and secure keychain on your mobile device.
    • Place orders directly from your mobile device or use one-touch calling, from within the app, to reach our customer specialists for phone orders and questions
    • Event tonight or this weekend? Same day purchases are available and most tickets can be e-mailed or setup for local pick-up.

    The pricing of tickets on the Manhattan Tickets Mobile Ticket App is determined by the market value of each event. Tickets on the app range from below face value to premium pricing for the best seats in the house. Regardless of the event, our ticket pricing is highly competitive with all online ticket brokers.

    All tickets purchased through Manhattan Tickets are 100% guaranteed, authentic and genuine. Buy with confidence and ease on the Manhattan Tickets Mobile Ticket App.

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