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    Maya Calendar

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    The 21/12/2012, The end of the world ?

    - Important: Read the full description -

    This talisman will protect you against the doomsday. Keep this representation of the Mayan calendar on your mobile, always on you, it will bring you luck and will guarantee full protection against the Apocalypse that awaits us all !

    "All ambitions are lawful except those arising on the miseries or credulity of mankind": Joseph Conrad
    Of course, this application is a fake, It exists to denounce the crooks exploiting the unbelief of the people.

    Note that several specialists from many disciplines have dismissed the idea of ​​such cataclysmic events for 2012. The Mayanists professionals argue that predictions of impending doom were not found in any existing Mayan codices and the idea of ​​the "end" of the Long Count of the Mayan calendar in 2012 would be a misreading of history and Mayan culture.


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