Mega Voice Changer




    Change your voice and prank your friends.

    Change,modify,alter your voice with an array of different effects (female, child, male, tunnel) that can be combined together.

    This voice changer is the tool you are looking for. Please note that this application can not change your voice during a call as this is not technically possible on android.

    Once you're satisfied, you can save your altered voice, e-mail it to your friends, and even set it as a ringtone.

    This voice changer is the reference on Android !
    Record your voice and combine lots of effects to alter it, then play it back for your friends.

    The effects include:
    Helium: Sound like a baby or monkey!
    Tremolo: For a quavering voice
    Flanger: A pretty cool effect
    Reverb: Hear your voice echo through the mountains!
    Distort: Crush your words under a wave of fuzz
    Play backwards: One of the most fun effects there available
    Change speed: Make your voice sound male or female

    Create lots of different voices: male, female, baby, monster, stuck in a tube!

    And the best thing is that you can combine ALL of them together. This voice changer lets you create all sorts of combinations to impress your friends.

    You can play back your creation from a saved file, send them by email or even set them as your ringtone.

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