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    Create memes and share them with your friends. Built in camera support take photos to create your own!

    MemeToad: the best meme generator for Android. MemeToad lets you make a meme/image macro/advice animal, and then easily share that meme with your friends, or save to your device for later. Customize your font and text colours for more fun. MemeToad is all the memes all the time. Over 140 images included.

    Main Features:

    * Over 140 images included
    * HOLO YOLO Android design
    * 19 Fonts to choose from
    * Use the camera to easily create your own memes.
    * Custom Text Colours
    * Optimized for phones and tablets
    * Create your own memes using the camera or downloaded images
    * Browse your gallery for more images
    * Easy to create and then share or save your meme
    * Auto-scaling fonts for the best effect

    MemeToad includes all of the most popular meme images and advice animals, with more being added all the time. Suggest a meme!

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    Give me your suggestions:

    Make your meme using the included meme images or use the menu to browse for an image on your device. When you are done either save the image to your devices or share it with your favourite app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail/email, Google+, Hangouts, and text/MMS all work. Any app that properly accepts images using standard Android share mechanisms will work with MemeToad. Post to all your favourite social networks.

    MemeToad works offline and does not require an Internet or data connection. MemeToad is optimized for both phones and tablets.

    You can make a meme using the included images by performing the following steps:

    1. Pick an image from the list.
    2. Write some text for the top and the bottom of the meme.
    3. Save the meme to your device (images will be in the gallery under the MemeToad folder) or share with your favourite app.

    If you want to make your own meme using your phone’s camera follow these steps:

    1. Take a photo.
    2. Share the photo and select MemeToad as the target.
    3. Write your text for the top and the bottom
    4. Save the meme to your device or share with your favourite app.

    Alternatively you can use the browse item in the Action bar to browse your gallery for photos.

    The same procedure can be used for any images stored on your device that can be shared with MemeToad.

    MemeToad includes over one hundred and forty of the most popular memes for you to choose from. More will be added all the time (suggest your favourite), but if you don’t want to use the included memes it’s easy to create your own. Take a photo, or download an image and then share it with MemeToad and you’re off to the races.

    More memes will be added based on comments and votes. If there is a meme that you really like let me know and I will add it. Y U No Install?

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