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    Here is a un-official 100% FAN-Guide including tips and tricks.You may find some information useful here.This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player.

    Please note - This is not a game !! It's is game guide.

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    Raiden, who was given the role of Non-playable Cyborg will play the primary character and is the most liked character among the MGS Universe.

    Metal Gear Solid Rising is the most recent Computer game in the battle line-up of MGS Series. Kojimo promised that the players will practice new electrifying features when we compare this Game to the previous. The Game is planned early and set to release during First Quarter of 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Software. Genre of the Game is Stealth-Action.

    Planning plays a very important role in this game because the gameplay itself avoids combat like actions. Each and every move made by the player is expressed in the form of Expressive effects. For example, running in the Floor of Flat or Rough surface makes the difference. There will be less instant attacks overall and the players will not attack the enemies all together. The most excellent aspect of this class game is players are supposed to sneak and hide at the back shadows and attack. The stealth activities make it exceptional from other Meta Gear Solid games.

    You should be capable of analyzing what the enemy's re-action will be for each of the player's action. Since it is the stealth action game every movement of yours will be expressed in the form of sound and expressions. Difference will be shown for every movement like walking in the sand and carpet and even with this sound the enemies are capable of finding us. Overall, the player will have a thrilling experience by playing this Metal Gear Solid Rising Game.

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