Money Mark Diggla




    Money Mark has been involved in Hip-Hop since before he can remember.. As a Miami native, It started for him in his middle school days as a student at Carol City Middle School..

    Money Mark got his name from friends because they say he always would come up with plans to get the extra cash. Because of his appeal to the ladies, he added Diggla, the last name of a well known porn star. During a Def Comedy Jam tour that made a stop in Miami. A family friend Joe Torri, who also hosted the event, got wind of Money Markʼs freestyles.

    Running behind on time, he asked Money to go out with Kid Capri and freestyle for the crowd. The response was "CRAZY", getting the attention of a local record label Slip N Slide records. Money Mark would go on to sign with the label, assist with its national success, as well as the success of many artist known today such as: Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, Pretty Ricky, Pit Bull and the list goes
    on! Today Money Mark is still an artist to be heard and enjoyed.

    As founder/CEO of Marked Money Entertainment and with a couple of acts of his own, I donʼt think he is going to stop anytime soon.

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