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    What is your feeling today? Are you happy or not? Do you meet something that you want to find a way to give it a vent? What are you usually do when facing this? Find someone to talk about it or write it down? If you are person who like to write down you emotions no matter where you are or what the time is, here comes the chance for you.
    This app is called Mood Diary. It is 100% free for the users, which is also can make you a notebook in a second out of your imagine.
    The main functions and operations:
    1. Record your feeling and daily life. Form the name of this app, we can know that it must be something related to note. It is really to note, record and track your everyday life. Feel happy this day, write it down in your phone for future share; be low in spirit, also record it to give your the strength to face the hard life and believe that tomorrow will be very bright. And then you can be brave and confident for yourselves. Some days later, you also can review your previous emotions, which will make you feel open and clear to what has happened , is happening and will happen to us.
    2.Four buttons: first Daily,second Daily, Password, and supply. For the first daily, you can create new dairy,check your current dairy and view previous ones by date; the second one is for you to add the type of the dairy, such as event.
    3. With password to keep your little secrets. You may write something that you may want to keep it in secrets. Or you won't note the things freely in the fear of being known by others. However, the main advantage of this app is with password. Therefore, you won't be afraid that your secrets are lost and write what you prefer and what is truing in your heart.
    4.For supply, if you love our app and feel it is useful, tell a friend and rate five stars for it.

    Get it, and with it to begin a different and wonderful life!

    The writing of diaries is also often practiced from the 20th century onwards as a conscious act of self-exploration, the examples being the diaries of Carl Jung, Aleister Crowley and Anaïs Nin. Among the important diaries by 20th-century literary figures are those of Franz Kafka and Edmund Wilson.
    A strong and deep psychological effect may arise from having an audience for one's self-expression, even if this is the book one writes in, only read by oneself - especially in adversity. Anne Frank go so far as to address her diary as "Kitty." Friedrich Kellner, a court official in Nazi Germany, think of his diary as a weapon for any future fight against tyrants and terrorism, and named it "Mein Widerstand," "My Opposition." Victor Klemperer is similarly concerned with recording for the future the tyrannies and hypocrisies of Nazi Germany and of its East German successor state in his diaries. In none of these cases however do the authors anticipate early — or indeed any — publication.

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