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    Movreak has been a *great* social app around movies and cinemas. It finally came to Android.

    Let's swipe the side menu, and you'll find these awesome features:
    • Now Playing
    It presents the movies currently playing in cinema everywhere. Beside in thumbnails, Movreak can present the movie posters in “cover” mode. Movreak also lets you informed which movies are just released in cinema with the “New” badge.

    Touch a movie poster, you’ll taste the new Show Time (for supported countries). Currently, show time is only available for Indonesia (for both 21 Cineplex and Blitzmegaplex). In this page, you’ll find almost about everything you can do with show time: share show time to Facebook and Twitter, or organise a watching plan to watch movie together with friends. For supported cinema (only for Indonesia’s Blitzmegaplex for now), you can check the seat availability in cinema.

    Touch “View Detail” button and you’ll find a whole lot more about the movie.

    • Movie Details
    You’ll find everything-need-to-know about a movie here. Rating, genre, cast and crew, duration, release date, synopsis, you name it. Not satisfied? Just tap IMDB button to find a whole lot more about the movie.
    While you’re in this page, let’s taste the “live” poster.

    • Search Movie
    You can search any movies here, literally any movies you can think of, in cinemas or not. Want to search the first “TRON” (1982)? You’ll find it, along with its details, posters, and even trailers.
    After search movie, what you can do next? Adding it to your Watching Plan.

    • Watching Plan & Watched Movies
    Watching movies is better together with friends. Playing in cinema or not, or even upcoming movie, you can invite your friends to watch it together.

    If you are a movie freak enough, you can use Watching Plan to organize all movies you’ll watch in the weekend or spare time.

    Just watched a movie? Mark it as “watched” and it will be automatically organized in your “Watched Movies” list. Hey, don’t forget to review the movie you just watched in “User Review”.

    • User Reviews
    We put a lot more ingredients in the new User Reviews. Just watch a movie and love it or hate it, why don't leave a review. Want to discuss a movie or not agree with someone's review? Just respond it. Keep the conversation going in the new User Reviews detail page.

    Like a review or want to report it as spoiler instead? tap “+” button and you’ll find all you can do with a review.

    As you can search any movies in Movreak, now you can review any movies as well. Want to see reviews of currently playing movies only? Use the filter. Tapping User Review’s title will present you options to filter the reviews.

    • Sign in
    To experience all features, you should sign-in to Movreak with existing Facebook or Twitter account. **Hint: signing-in with Facebook will unlock more features.

    • Notification
    Your review get liked or replied, or you’re invited to watch a movie by your friend, you’ll get notified with the push notification.

    Currently, show time and cinema data are only available for Indonesia. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use Movreak outside that country. You can use all features beside show time and check seats.

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