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    Description DreamStore is a most advanced vision based mobile augmented reality browser from Su Zhou MXR Cooperation. We are one of the top AR companies in the world. We developed new algorithms for AR technology which can track QRcode and natural feature images. Currently users can use almost anything as a marker, like QRCode, brochures, posters, pictures etc. This opens up a new world for vision based AR.

    1. This app use real time object detection and nature feature tracking (NFT) technology

    2. Users are not restricted any more to predefined markers which they have to download and print. Instead users can augment virtually any picture or image they want to use. They can add customized image or delete customized image.

    3. Users can scan QR codes and to get instant access to download AR stuff. Qrcode can also be used as tracking image.

    4. We use amazing 3D rending techniques for our AR stuff. you can interact it by press rotate, zoom in and out button.
    5. All 3D stuff are in our server. The content is updated gradually.

    You can download all tracking images in following link:

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