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    My Battleship is a shooting game but it is different from the general shooting game. You need to drive your own battleship to shoot the target. It sounds a very easy and simple shooting game, in fact, it is hard in a way because the operation of this game is special.

    There are about thirty different types of battleships provide in this game. All the battleships are from the four military powers: America, China, Soviet and Britain. Besides, there are some famous battleships which have fight in the World War two. I believe that you must want to experience these battles. This is a free shooting game.

    Let me tell you how to play this game. Only you know the operation can you get a high score in this game.

    1. You have known that there are four military powers in this game. Therefore, you need to choose the country you like, that is, before you choose the battleship you like, you must choose its country.

    2. Now let me tell you how to drive the battleship. Acceleration is very important in the driving. The battleship’s speed is on the basic of the acceleration of your mobile phone. You may can’t understand so let me tell you in anther way.

    3. You need try your best to move your mobile phone as quick as possible to let it get the maximum acceleration. This acceleration will be given a score by the system. You know that your battleship’s speed is based on your mobile phone’s acceleration.

    4. Now let me tell you how shoot a bullet. The shooting way is very simple and you can master it in a very short time. You just need press the volume up key on your mobile phone, then a bullet will be shot.

    5. It is not easy to let the acceleration score and the shoot score high in the same round. You can experience this by yourself.

    6. Don’t forget to open your media volume; you can hear the moving speed and the burst sound.

    7. If you would like to support this game, please give it five stars. With you advice, this game will be better and better.

    My Battleship can let you feel the different battles from four military powers. You also can get more knowledge of battle ship from this game because the WEAPONS can connect the internet so that you can know the detailed information of each battleship.

    Battleship is very powerful and important in one country’s military power. This game can let you feel the powerful force.

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