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    If you love reading your horoscope, My Super Horoscope has every type of horoscope you could possibly want. Powered by Yahoo Horoscopes, this handy application makes it easy for you to get your horoscope without having to visit the website.

    Not a believer? After a few days of using the app, even people who do not believe in astrology say that their horoscopes are "eerily accurate." Try it out and see!

    Your daily horoscope comes with an extended horoscope so you can see how the stars are aligned for you. You can also check Yesterday and Tomorrow's horoscopes. What's in store for your future?

    Reading your daily horoscope is great, but there's a lot more too. Looking for love advice? This app has three types of daily love horoscopes - Flirt, Singles, and Couples. It's great fun for your love life whether you're single, just meeting someone, or in a committed relationship.

    And More! Need some guidance for getting through your day at the office? Read your daily career horoscope. Plus, teen horoscopes are great for teens in school or summer vacation. What are you going to do about that secret crush?

    Weekly and monthly horoscopes are included too. These extended horoscopes are very entertaining when a new week or month begins. What should you expect in the upcoming future? What will happen in your love life? Is a job promotion coming? Only the zodiac stars can say!

    Learn more about your Zodiac Sign and traits. What does your zodiac star sign say about you?

    Aries Horoscopes • The Ram • Element - Fire
    Taurus Horoscopes • The Bull • Element - Earth
    Gemini Horoscopes • The Twins • Element - Air
    Cancer Horoscopes • The Crab • Element - Water
    Leo Horoscopes • The Lion • Element - Fire
    Virgo Horoscopes • The Virgin • Element - Earth
    Libra Horoscopes • The Scales • Element - Air
    Scorpio Horoscopes • The Scorpion • Element - Water
    Sagittarius Horoscopes • The Archer • Element - Fire
    Capricorn Horoscopes • The Goat • Element - Earth
    Aquarius Horoscopes • The Water Bearer • Element - Air
    Pisces Horoscopes • The Fish • Element - Water

    Got Facebook?
    My Super Horoscope integrates with Facebook so you can rate and review each horoscope. How accurate was a horoscope in the past? Will you believe or doubt horoscopes happening tomorrow, next week, or next month?

    Use Facebook's new Timeline to keep track of your best and worst horoscopes. You can rate without Facebook but you won't get personalized results. Get a mini-fortune after reviewing each horoscope.

    Tweet Scopes
    Horoscopes and astrology from Twitter. The latest horoscope tweets for your zodiac sign from the most popular accounts.

    Super Easy Sharing
    Use your Android to TXT or Email a link to any horoscope in the app. The short link takes them to the Lite Version on the web. Even friends with flip-phones will be able to read the horoscopes and browse more- as long as they're connected to the web.

    Latest Version 2 Fixes and Updates
    • Even Better Facebook Sharing - Post to Wall, with a Comment
    • Less cluttered interface
    • 'Saving' now takes you to the next page
    • Horoscopes now have dates. If you use different zodiac dates, override your sign by choosing another. Otherwise, your zodiac sign is generated from your birthday.
    • Fixed Loading Screen Crash - No more 'Force Close' crashes during Loading Screen
    • Fixed Connection Error - Allow retry, instead of blank screen
    • Fixed Issues with Android 3.0 (ICS) and higher versions
    • Psychics feature!
    • More Twitter accounts Added to TweetScopes
    • Simple Banner Ads Added - Never Adding Push Ads, EVER!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When Do Horoscopes Update?
    A: Right around midnight Pacific Time. Would you like to see a feature to set your own time zone?

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