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    Being able to say ‘No’

    ‘No’ is a word that is knotty to say in both business and private life. Many people avoid saying ‘No’, since they get caught up in thinking about the consequences, like the possibility of hurting or angering the person before them, and find themselves unable to formulate a good way of saying it.
    Why is it so difficult to say ‘No’?
    • We think that when we give a negative response to people’s demands, they will think of it as a rejection of themselves instead of their demands.
    • We think that saying ‘No’ may damage relationships, or perhaps end them altogether.
    • We think that people might see us as selfish, so we are afraid to say no.
    • We try to be nice to everyone, to be loved by everyone, make them happy, etc., and these reasons prevent us from saying ‘No’.
    • We might not know how to say ‘No’ at all.

    The Nah application changes our conception of “No” altogether: it makes it easy and fun for us to say 'no'. Nah works with the iPhone and Android operating systems.

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