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    NARR8: comics, stories, novels's review

    Published: 2013-03-06, by Peter Warrior.

    A collection of comic books

    • Own and original content
    • Great and active fan base (forums)
    • Free, no ads
    • User Interface needs to be honed

    "This is a tale worthy to be Narr8'd"

    First off, if Narr8 were only a comic book reader, it wouldn't ever caught our attention. This doesn't mean it isn't a comic reader, because it indeed is so, but it also has some features that make it pretty unique and unexpectedly interesting.

    To start with, graphic novels and comic books available in Narr8 platform are only readable there, as it is original content created by Narr8 studios themselves. There are several current lines, every one getting new chapters every week or so. Topics range from "super mythological heroes" to furry soap operas, and are very enjoyable once you find the story that fits you best. Stories are presented in that dynamic modern style in which not all bubbles are showed at the same time and cartoons have been drawn in layers.

    User interface should be improved a little, though. It'd be great if we were able to save artwork (you can always take a screenshot, of course) or zoom in on anywhere. Likewise, texts could have links to characters' bio or author's info, but that's something easy to be fixed.

    Icing the cake are the forums, where a lively community keeps comments and suggestions going. Narr8 is actually in both English and Russian versions, though there are several more languages upcoming.

    And it's free, without ads. Truly, it only asks for a log in and you get access to all the content. Highly recommendable and clap for such a brave and praiseworthy initiative in a time when mobile industry is far more focused on nonsense stuff and remaking old stuff once over again.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 06, 2013


    — “Fluid animations, original music, and interactive features”. © Venture Beat
    — “Offers a fresh approach to mobile apps and content”. © Technorati

    NARR8 is a unique content channel that delivers a diverse array of interactive stories like motion comics, interactive novels, fairy tales for kids, educational & lifestyle series.

    NARR8 is more than just an e-book. Every series comes complete with animation, sounds, music, HD-effects, and multimedia elements, which allow you to interact with whatever appears on the screen.

    NARR8 features tales about everything from superheroes to furry, spacecraft commanders to monsters, as well as romance, science, politics, stories for kids and much more.

    NARR8 also now gives you, the reader, the opportunity to create your own interactive stories with our StoryBuilder editorial tool!

    What is special about NARR8:
    — Modern format: text, graphics, animation, sound, music, special effects
    — Popular genres: mystery, adventure, lifestyle, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, education, etc.
    — Groundbreaking ideas: NARR8 unites creative curious people all over the world through, from designers, to artists, writers and fans!

    NARR8 in social media:
    — Official website:
    — NARR8 Facebook community:
    — Official Twitter:
    — NARR8 YouTube channel:
    — Pinterest:

    Currently NARR8 features the following series:

    — Subject #9 — Motion furry-comics about a group of mutants who escape a mysterious lab to discover they have incredible powers.
    — Prodigal Angel — Motion furry-comics about a character with the ability to "possess" other bodies, and the trouble this kind of power can cause.
    — Final Feat — Motion fantasy/mythology comics about an epic war between mighty heroes and ancient monsters.
    — SPIN — A dramatic motion comics about political intrigue and spin doctoring.
    — Knights of the Void – sci-fi motion comics about the war between an Alliance of the Knights of the Void and the tyrannical Empire.
    — Fear Hunters — Interactive novel about a team of psychiatrists who do battle with monsters that lurk in the subconscious minds of their patients.
    — The Secret City — Interactive urban-fantasy novel about vampires, witches, dark knights and other magic creatures, living among New York citizens.
    — Paradigm — Nonfiction series that delves into popular fiction, technology, and life sciences
    — FIVE — an interactive lifestyle series about the best of their kind
    — Eureka — an innovative interactive encyclopedia that clearly and fascinatingly narrates all the technical and social inventions around us.
    — Alma Mater — an entertaining physics, chemistry, botany, biology and astronomy on your mobile device! It is an enthralling story of human curiosity and ingenuity, so open it and enjoy!
    — Biographics — immerses its users in the lives of outstanding people – brilliant scientists, talented businessmen, powerful politicians and many others.
    — Prime Blood — a gripping thriller about a young girl studying to be a doctor inChicago. She had no idea about that world where werewolves and vampires had been engaged in a desperate battle — until their paths crossed one fateful night.
    — The Pandas & Boom — the series follows the adventures of two pandas and a squirrel living in Puzzlewood magical forest. They talk and think and like to be friends with each other.

    And many more are coming!

    Welcome to the world of endless wonder, knowledge, and adventure, delivered to you regularly in constantly-updated stories! Read, watch, and interact with NARR8!

    Comics, novels, children’s series, nonfiction and other interesting stories awaiting!

    Download the free NARR8 app and check out our interactive series right now! Or create a story of your own!

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