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    Nice Video Enjoyer is a new version which has a new function that let you get video from the internet. Of course, It has all the functions that can let you enjoy videos to your heart’s content. It is a free video player.

    Do want to know more details of this player?

    1. If you are the first time to use this app, when you open this player, all the videos in your mobile phone will be listed automatically. Maybe it can't find all the movies in one time but you can click the "reload" button to find them, If there are still some movies not found, you can click the "file" button to find them by yourself.

    2. When you click one movie then a menu appears before you. You can open this movie and add it to review or share it or manage this file. The review function can let you add the movies you like into a list then you can enjoy them directly from the list.

    3. If you touch the "file" button, there are several buttons appearing in the bottom of the new page. They are "Back" "Up" "SDcard" "Media" "Menu". And if you touch "menu", a file manger appears and you can manage your files.

    4. Using this player, you can enjoy movies from web such as youtube. If you like one movie very much, you can download it and this player supports break point download from web. And you may need to install a small app to help you enjoy videos from internet directly.

    5. This player's operation is very simple. If you touch the screen, you a time line appears. You can touch the "play/pause" button to make the movie pause or continue. Touching the left side up and down of the screen, you can adjust the brightness and touching the right side up and down of the right side, you can adjust the volume.

    Nice Video Enjoyer is a free video player for android and you can use it to enjoy videos happily. There are many video players on the internet such as mp3 video player and mp4 video player. You can use one of them but you may only enjoy one format videos.

    Nice Video Enjoyer can be called free movie player or free media player because it has these functions that a good movie player or media player should have.

    If you download this app and install this app on your mobile phone, your mobile phone will become one portable video player. You can enjoy videos or movies at any time and any places.

    I think Nice Video Enjoyer is the best video player android in some way. According to the introduction above, I believe that you may have the same idea with me.

    If you love enjoy movies and you want to get one good video player, Nice Video Enjoyer is your choice.

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