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    In the Night Garden.. is a children's television series, aimed at children aged from one to four years old.

    The programme features a large cast of colourful characters with unusual names who live in a magical forest scattered with large daisies and brightly coloured pompom flowers. The characters mostly speak short, repetitive phrases and each has their own special song and dance. The garden is a sunny, colourful environment and the music is jaunty and music box-like.

    Each episode starts with a different child in bed, while the narrator introduces the episode. The scene cuts to Iggle Piggle, in his boat, travelling to the Night Garden. The episodes end with one character receiving a bedtime story, which is generated by the magical gazebo that sits at the centre of the Night Garden. This story is a summary of the plot of the episode. Sometimes the characters all dance together under the Gazebo.
    Iggle Piggle does not go to sleep, and his goodbye sequence ("Iggle Piggle's not in bed!" ... "Squeak!" ... "Don't worry, Iggle Piggle! It's time to go") rounds off the programme. The Night Garden retreats into the night sky and Iggle Piggle is seen asleep on his boat as the end credits roll.

    In the Night Garden is intended to help children relax and achieve calming relationships with parents. The creators have stated: "We became very aware of the anxiety surrounding the care of young children which manifested itself in all kind of directions; but the one big subject that came up again and again was bedtime. It's the classic time for tension between children who want to stay up and parents who want them to go to bed... so this is a programme about calming things down whereas most children's TV is about getting everything up.

    Igglepiggle is a blue teddy bear-like doll with a bean-shaped head and a sideways red mohawk.

    Upsy Daisy is similar to a rag doll, with a brown complexion, a chime in her tummy, and brightly coloured clothes.

    Makka Pakka is a creamy-colored, small, round-bodied doll. He has three rounded protuberances on his head to represent stones that he uses to make into piles.

    The Pontipines (red) and The Wottingers (blue) are two families of ten tiny creatures (a mother and a father, plus four boys and four girls) similar to peg dolls.

    The Haahoos are five very large inflatable pillow-like creatures of various shapes and colours with eyes and smiling mouths.

    The Tittifers are CGI tropical birds with their own unique songs.

    The Ninky Nonk is a train of five differently sized and shaped carriages.

    The Pinky Ponk is an airship, speckled with many slowly waving fins and several small propellers that can spin fast.

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