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    NIHRFF is a thematic film festival. It is the first German festival to be dedicated to the subject of human rights. It is a leading forum for outstanding feature films, documentaries and animated productions, which have human rights as their main focus.

    NIHRFF represents a window to the world, offering a high-quality international programme from Nuremberg, within its commitment to its status as a city of peace and human rights.

    NIHRFF takes place every two years in the month of October, after the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award has been awarded. In 2009, Abdolfattah Soltani will receive the award. He has been fighting for the recognition of human rights in the „Islamic Republic of Iran" with admirable courage and at high personal risk as a lawyer and member of the „Defenders of Human Rights Centre“ founded by Peace Nobel laureate, Shirin Ebadi.


    The respect for the rights and dignity of the individual forms the basis for international freedom, justice and peace in the world. In recognition of this vital relationship NIHRFF strives to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and friendship between different nationalities and religious and ethnic groups. This is where the festival’s international nature is found and where it crosses all religious, political and cultural boundaries to side against any attempts to make people “second-class citizens.”

    The aim of NIHRFF is to underpin and strengthen the principles of human dignity, solidarity and mutual understanding and communication. NIHRFF hopes to promote understanding between different cultures and peoples and underline the individual’s responsibility during a time of globalisation. It hopes to demonstrate that human rights abuses have political, economic and cultural roots. The festival carries out imperative and continual educational work in this direction. The aim is to use the medium of film to bring the subject of human rights to broad strata of society.

    Therefore, NIHRFF wants to shed a precise light on current events and developments in the world’s cultures. Knowledge promotes interest and the ability to abstract. It is only when one “has a picture” in one's mind that one can begin to see beyond one's most immediate environment and to understand the “unknown” – i.e. different people, their cultures, and their political and social systems. It is hoped that exposure to this information will stimulate communication between people.

    NIHRFF provides insights into the fundamental human rights and values on which our societies are based. The festival supports human rights education and the notion that each individual bears a local and global responsibility. Film is an extraordinarily powerful and universal medium with the capacity to illustrate the subject of human rights and other important global questions that are often perceived in too abstract a manner.

    Hence NIHRFF has placed its focus on films, which contribute to a re-evaluation of ones own attitudes and to the recognition of human responsibility. They reflect the past, inform about the present, make problems visible, throw up questions and bear witness to social and political developments. The films combine high artistic quality with a commitment to people without an ideological superstructure.

    illustrates the values on which democracy lies

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