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    Make Way for Noddy is a British-American CGI-animated series for children.

    Noddy is a wooden boy who lives in Toyland. Although he is characterized as a child, with a child's imagination and fears, in Toyland he also serves as the main taxi driver. He often finds himself in difficult situations due to his childlike impulsiveness and energy, but his Toy Town friends always help him set things right.

    Big Ears is a wise old white-bearded gnome who wears a blue coat, green striped pants, a yellow and red plaid neckerchief, gnome shoes, and a long red hat and lives in a toadstool house in the forest called Toadstool Woods. He is a father-figure to Noddy and the other toys, often helping them out of trouble with his years of wisdom and good advice. His catchphrase to Noddy is "You funny little Noddy".

    Tessie Bear is Noddy's best friend, always ready to help everyone she sees. She wears a pink and white skirt and a pink bonnet with blue flowers on it. She lives in a pink house in Toy Town with Bumpy Dog, her faithful and rambunctious pet.

    Bumpy Dog is Tessie Bear's dog, whose bumping and jumping cause trouble for all the toys. Even though some of the toys complain about his leaping, in several stories Bumpy's energy can save the day.

    Sly and Gobbo are the main "villains" of Toyland, always hatching another evil plot to take away ice coins, coins, coins, coins, coins, coins, coins or Noddy's coins, serving as the main antagonist of Toyland. They live in a hollow tree in the Dark Woods, when their schemes haven't landed them in Mr. Plod's jail. They always apologize for their mischief in the end, and seem truly sorry...until the next time.

    Mr. Plod is Toyland's sole police officer. Armed with his trusty whistle and his all-purpose problem-solving phrase "HALT! In the name of Plod!", he brings law and order to Toyland, keeps Sly and Gobbo out of the way, and makes the streets safe for all the toys. Although Mr Plod's no-nonsense ways keep Toyland safe, they sometimes make him seem cold or unfeeling, but the Toyland toys always bring out his compassionate side in the end.

    Mr. Sparks is Toyland's mechanic, fix-it man, and jack-of-all-trades. Faced with a clock without a spring, a rocket without an engine, or a problem without a solution, he brings out his tools and his famous catch phrase "A challenge?...I like it!". He speaks with a Scottish accent, and is always shown as an ingenious and helpful friend.

    Miss Harriet the Pink Cat owns Toy Town's ice cream shop. She is portrayed as very fussy and neat, with a French accent and no patience for foolishness, even her own.

    Noddy's car is the Toy Town taxi. It listens to Noddy, and answers with a "parp! parp!" Though Car, as Noddy calls him, generally needs a driver, at times he can move on his own, especially when Noddy needs help.

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