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    It is not good to your health when you live in the noise environment. Do you want to test the noise of your living environment? It is not worth buying a real audio analyzer because it will take you money and you can’t understand it for it is too professional.

    Noise Peak Analyzer can become your mobile phone as a portable audio frequency analyzer. In this way you can use your mobile phone to test the noise of your living condition.

    Noise Peak Analyzer is a free android app so that you will get a free analyzer. Now you need to learn how to use this analyzer if you have never used one before.

    1. This audio analyzer is very simple and easy to operate. The user interface is very brief and fresh which will give you a good feeling.

    2. The frequency of noise will show you on the top half of the page. It is a real time frequency which means that it will change on the basic of the sound. The peak frequency and the center frequency will show you on above the chart.

    3. If you want to see the chart clearly, you can touch the IN and OUT buttons under the chart to zoom in or out it. When you zoom out the chart, you will get more detailed information of the noise frequency.

    4. The mark frequency and center frequency also can be adjusted by the buttons “<” and “>” under the chart.

    5. Different sample rate and FFT points will give you different test result. If you want to get the result you want, you can set them as your will.

    Do you ignore the noise in your living environment because you have been used it? If so, it is not good to your health. You know that noise has become one kind of pollution. Having a good living environment is important to you and your family. Sometimes you need to analyze the noise in your home and around your home to ensure that you have a quiet living environment.

    Noise Peak Analyzer is a free real time audio spectrum analyzer app which is used on your mobile phone. Therefore, you will use your mobile phone to test the noise around you which is very convenient. Although you are not a professional in audio, you still can understand the noise frequency chart because it is very simple.

    I should remind you that Noise Peak Analyzer is an android audio analyzer so that if your mobile phone has no android system, I am sorry that you cannot use this audio app.

    The features of this free frequency analyzer is that it is simple and easy to master it and it can give you a simple and easy chart to understand the noise around you. Such a good and useful audio analyzer is worth downloading.

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