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    This application is like a reminder in your daily life here. You can record a note and plan your schedule beforehand. You will not forget what you should do and what you have done with this tool. This free application can help you out of absent-mindedness with Android devices.


    This application is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

    You can install it for totally free.

    More free applications can be available to you in this application.

    You can delay to 1 min before the screen turns off automatically.

    There is a built-in manager for you to manage your notes.

    This application is designed simply and has a beautiful user interface.


    There are 4 buttons in this application, including new note, view notes and preferences, about.

    Whenever you want to note pr wherever you need to record, just take your device to write your notes. You can name a title for your notes. Once you finished it, you can save or cancel. You can have a view at your notes in ‘VIEW NOTES” part.

    You can click the exact item and have a verification about your schedule. If you don’t need it anymore, you can delete it by press it for a while. In order to have a better management of your notes, you can also get more operations in menu key. You can add a new folder, add a new note and parent folder as you wish.

    As for more preferences, you can sort direction and mode as you wish here. You can specify the sort direction of notes and category from ascending and descending.

    There are also buttons at the bottom of this application, which may supply you with a better user interface and user experience. You can delay the screen to 1 min before it turns off automatically with the setting button. You can get more free applications with the about button. If you like this application, please give us 5 stars. If you have any problem, please email us and we are contactable. Pleas don’t leave one star and go away. Thank you.

    This free application can help you out of messy life for free. What you need to do is record and does it. You can get what you should do and what you had done here. Have fun! Download this application Notes Recorder for free now!